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Interface and Navigation Design

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An original don of advertising, David Ogilvy’s 11 principles for creating great campaigns still ring true today.

Article by Ted Booth
Share:The Experience Tells The Story
7 min read

An in-depth look at the field of user experience shows that despite some truly explosive growth, we’ve still got some maturing to do.

Article by Jonathan Anderson | UX Magazine, Didus
Share:Who Are We and What Are We Doing?
6 min read

As the book “Make It So” points out, Star Trek has influenced the course of interaction design and continues to push the boundaries of design imagination.

Article by Christopher Noessel, Nathan Shedroff, UX Magazine Staff
Share:Make It So: Five Lessons in Interaction Design from Star Trek
7 min read

Stripping away some of the mysticism and pretense surrounding user experience design.

Article by Joseph Dickerson
Share:The Greatest Secrets of UX Revealed!
6 min read

The best responsive web designs show a rich understanding of what users are looking for and the right way to deliver it.

Article by Nick Switzer
Share:Create a Better Responsive User Experience
8 min read

By eschewing the design limitations of skeuomorphism and embracing the limitations of digital experiences, flat design has the potential to create great UX.

Article by Luke Clum
Share:A Look at Flat Design and Why It’s Significant
5 min read

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