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In this article, we’ll look at how some top SaaS companies deflect user cancellations and keep churn rates in the green.

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The onboarding process can impact your app’s success crucially. There are several onboarding best practices we suggest you keep in mind.

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Improving the hiring experience at the most painful stage of the hiring process: candidate rejection

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Nowadays, companies succeed by embracing innovation for positive change, problem-solving, collaboration, and creativity, like they were forced to do during the COVID-19.

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Gamification empowers designers to drive human emotions that automatically means a product becomes remarkable and stand-out.Gamification empowers designers to drive human emotions that automatically means a product has more chances to become successful because it gets the user’s reaction. It becomes remarkable and stand-out.

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Many people have realized that big organizations like Facebook should act more responsibly to avoid the consequences in court due to the way they treat user’s data.

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