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We need street-level, people-centered perspectives that inform how our cities are designed. This is where equity design and ethical technologies can be harnessed.

Article by Adriana Valdez Young
Using Data to Design Equity-Centered Cities
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8 min read

And save time and money in the process

Article by Will Chidlow
How we deliver consistent wireframes across a growing design team
  • Inconsistent visual appearance between designers
  • Difficult handover process
  • Repetitive components slow us down
  • deciding to create the tools we need
  • At Liquid Light we use Sketch for all of our wireframing and design
  • In order to create a consistent approach we need to decide on the “best” approach for artboard sizing, typography, method of presentation..
  • To create a set of components that can be easily used in wireframes, they need to be sized consistently with each other



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7 min read

Responsive web design is not just about adjustable screen resolutions an automatically resizing images. It is a whole new generation way of thinking about design.

Article by Rounak Bose
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8 min read

Digital animation is integral in app design, often displayed through icons that were clicked. The customers barely notice, but it makes the app experience more delightful

Article by Eva Schicker
Share:Enhance your digital design creation with simple motion graphics
3 min read

How can we best prepare our children for the future?

Article by Louis Byrd
Share:Teach beyond coding: How to better prepare our children for the future.
4 min read

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Listen to Invisible Machines

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