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While different in many ways, the three primary categories of wearable technology share attributes that designers, developers, and product managers need to be aware of.

Article by Markiyan Matsekh
Share:The Who, What, When, Wear, and Why of Wearable Technology
5 min read

In an excerpt from her new book, How to Transform Your Ideas into Software Products, Mint.com’s founding engineering shows how strategic design can give you an edge.

Article by Poornima Vijayashanker
Share:Differentiating with Design
9 min read

We’re giving away two more copies of Drawing Ideas, and this time, the authors want to see what you can sketch.

Article by UX Magazine Staff
Share:Win This Book (Again)! Drawing Ideas
1 min read

By tapping into vast amounts of customer data that other industries don’t have access to, financial institutions can use analytics to improve customer experiences.

Article by Rich Berkman
Share:Why Banks Need to Revamp their User Experience
6 min read

The battle rages on to create compelling experiences that bank of the connectivity and data social networking services provide.

Article by UX Magazine Staff
Share:The Emmys and Earthquakes, Shaking Up Social Media
3 min read

A look at three easy-to-use platforms that work together as part of an integrated text analytics framework: KH Coder, OpenOffice Base, and Wordaizer

Article by Will Towler
Share:Text Analytics For Everyone
4 min read

Did you know UX Magazine hosts the most popular podcast about conversational AI?

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