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The winners of our Drawing Ideas giveaway use sketches to imagine hypothetical uses for wearables.

Share:The Future of Wearable Technology in Pictures

A loyal Waze user thinks the move toward social networking in newer versions of the app is a wrong turn.

Share:Crowdsourcing Is Social, but Does Not a Social Network Make

Designing for smartwatches, smartglasses, and activity trackers means paying attention to factors like battery life, visual design, and social acceptance.

Share:How to Maximize the Potential of Wearable Devices

Enter to win a copy of Poornima Vijayashanker’s new book, How to Transform Your Ideas into Software Products.

Share:Win This Book! How to Transform Your Ideas into Software Products

Steve Krug, Nathan Shedroff, and Abby Covert take a crystal-ball look into the future of UX.

Share:QuickPanel: UX Futures

Our understanding of time is dependent on the lens we use, and data visualizations can provide a set of lenses for viewing time from different perspectives.

Share:It’s About Time

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