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Conversational Design

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Conversations are bound to psychology. Here are 7 principles for getting started with conversational desgin.

Article by Linus Ekenstam
Share:7 Principles of Conversational Design
8 min read

As UX designers, we are largely ignoring one of the most fundamental ways that humans are taught to interact with the world: via conversation.

Article by Danny McCabe
Share:Conversational Design — applying it to all types of interfaces.
13 min read

To stay competitive, companies need to avoid random acts of technology and adopt a strategy for building an intelligent ecosystem of digital workers.

Article by Lance Christmann
Share:No More Random Acts of Bot-Building
4 min read

The lack of cultural competence in conversational AI is a direct correlation to the inherent bias within it’s development.

Article by Louis Byrd
Share:Tech Inclusion: How culture may enhance conversational AI technology
6 min read

The people developing AI are transforming how we think. Here’s how empathy plays a role.

Article by Louis Byrd
Share:The future of Artificial Intelligence relies solely on empathy
5 min read

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