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In the current crisis, there is an enormous amount of people working from home, how does your interface react?

Share:Navigating Uncertainty
6 min read

Coming from a non-design background and relying heavily on things that are tried & tested, the structure of the design thinking process made me feel at par with my team.

Share:Design Thinking: Levelling the playing field for non-designers
9 min read

The cynic in me wants to flag businesses as pushing free-product-offers (to businesses in crisis), that are really self-serving acts of PR or product trial.

Share:Think Long And Hard Before Creating Pandemic Qualified Leads
1 min read

Determining effective response protocols and practices is a complex task that falls to medical and public health professionals across the globe.

Share:Human factors tips for communicating public health guidance
6 min read

As I sit and reflect on my 3.5 years at Uber, I feel grateful and amazed by how much I’ve learned and grown in this role.

Share:Ten things I’ve learned as a UX researcher at Uber
12 min read

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