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Behavioral Science

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A common misconception is that accessibility requires a focus on users that have some kind of disability — but that isn’t the case.

Article by Kriti Krishan
Share:Accessibility in UX: The case for radical empathy
7 min read

Customers can’t buy from a brand they don’t notice

Article by Jennifer Clinehens
Share:Salience: The psychology of an experience you can’t ignore
5 min read

The creative process and decision making behind the filter.

Article by Varick Lim
Share:How I created the “Who Is More?” viral Instagram filter
6 min read

Thoughts on explaining the role, “UX Designer.”

Article by Sarah Dzida
Share:To My Loved Ones: This Is What I Do — I attempt to describe my design/UX life to non-design/UX people.
11 min read

Decoding the science behind the features that keep you binging

Article by Jennifer Clinehens
Share:How Netflix uses psychology to perfect their customer experience
4 min read

Did you know UX Magazine hosts the most popular podcast about conversational AI?

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