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How do you find actionable insights in this fast-paced environment, where we don’t always have time to recruit, schedule, and moderate testing sessions?

Article by Lia D. McCabe
Share:How To Gain Actionable User Insights Through Simple Observation: A Case Study
3 min read

Patient experience is complex. How do the nurses treat you? Are the facilities clean and up to date? Do they make you feel safe?

Article by UX Healthcare, Zane Dickens
Share:Considering second-order effects when viewing Patient Experience from a distance
8 min read

There’s usually a precedent on which to make sense of unknowns. COVID-19 breaks all that. There is no precedent for how to respond to this moment, much less steer ahead.

Article by Sandeep Pahuja, Alice Kogan
Share:4 Strategies to Chart a Path Forward When There is No Map
7 min read

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