It doesn’t matter how great your website looks. What matters is if it helps turns website visitors into paying customers. Known as converting, this approach is rooted in sales, psychology, and using data-driven decision making.

But it all starts with having the right website in place. In many cases, you do not need a full website redesign. What we need to look at is the sales narrative on the page. Looking at how your website helps to describe the problem you solve for people and why they should work with you.

In building a website for conversions there are two major elements we are looking to convey — trust & personalization.

Building Trust Through Design

Your home page or sales pages need to convey this same type of feeling. We need someone to feel like they can trust you. When we look at it from a psychological standpoint, trust is comprised of three major components.


The trick here is that we need all three of these components equally balanced on a page. If one component overpowers the other, we lose trust. And all the sudden the person looking at your website doesn’t “feel” right. They can’t say what it is, they can’t pinpoint it, they just don’t feel it.

  • Testimonials
  • Logos
  • Press
  • Awards
  • Touting how long you’ve been in business

When you overdo trust you start to look like an as-seen-on-tv ad. That YES, I see how your product helped 100 people lose 50lbs in one week…I just still don’t trust it.

Common Goal

Personalizing Your Website for Conversions

For Intent

Take the time to define your target customer and really ask what they want when they interact with your web page.

For Action

Or, perhaps they’re just doing some research. In which case we need to find the right lead magnet to offer them in exchange for their email address. This way we can continue to market to them even after they’ve left your website.

For Level of Awareness

When we understand what your target customer already knows, we understand what we need to say. This compiled chart is complements of Copyhackers and other resources over the years.


Based on your target customer’s level of awareness, it helps you understand what action you need to take and what type of content to present.

Pulling These Together

Joe Martin is a technology-focused entrepreneur and international speaker from Chicago. His ideas on leadership have been featured on Fox NewsTasty Trade, and WCIU. With multiple appearances on radio, podcasts, and a 2019 TEDx Talk, he now advises companies on communication, culture, and website conversion strategies through his agency, Martin Creative.