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The UX Magazine Jobs Board is at Your Service

by UX Magazine Staff
2 min read
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The new and improved UX Magazine Jobs Board is a free resource for employers and job seekers.

While UX Magazine remains focused on publishing high-value content throughout each week, our goal is to be something greater. We’re always looking for ways to deepen our existence as a free and growing resource for the user-centered community.

With the recent update of our site to a responsive theme running on a newer version of Drupal we took opportunity to rethink our jobs board. We’re pleased to announce that along with being easier to use, that jobs board is now free.

Companies and organizations with openings can post user-centered jobs to our board free of charge. UX professionals looking for employment are encouraged to check the board often and apply.

You’ll notice a number of vacancies posted by Didus, the niche UX staffing and career development agency whose support has allowed us to make the jobs board a free service. Their recruitment team is spot-on when it comes to identifying new job opportunities and excels at working with professionals to develop their resumes and portfolios. Best of all, their services are free of charge for job seekers.

Our jobs board hosts great professional opportunities at prestigious organizations around the world who understand the value of UX. By applying for the jobs we post, connecting us with your UX hiring teams or HR directors, and spreading the word about the UX Magazine jobs board, you can help it flourish and continue to bear all sorts of juicy fruit. Your support is essential to keeping UX Mag an active, vital, and free community resource.

Plus, you might land an awesome new job.

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UX Magazine Staff, UX Magazine was created to be a central, one-stop resource for everything related to user experience. Our primary goal is to provide a steady stream of current, informative, and credible information about UX and related fields to enhance the professional and creative lives of UX practitioners and those exploring the field. Our content is driven and created by an impressive roster of experienced professionals who work in all areas of UX and cover the field from diverse angles and perspectives.


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