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Automated speech recognition (ASR) engines need to be tuned using diagnostic tools for optimum performance, just like cars.

Share:Checking Under the Hood of your ASR Engine
7 min read

A review of the features and UI elements of the Motorola Moto X and the Nokia Lumia 1020, which give an Apple enthusiast pause for consideration.

Share:Branching Out from the Apple Tree: An iOS loyalist considers mobile alternatives
7 min read

A learning initiative between Harvard and MIT, edX is creating an open-source learning platform with Google that’s poised to change the experience of higher learning.

Share:In Search of Knowledge: MOOC.org Will Change the Experience of Learning
5 min read

Looking through the Google Glass (so to speak) with the help of Descartes and Peirce, one can see a product with a name that appeals to all users’ low-tech experiences.

Share:Google Glass and the Experience of Experience
6 min read

A pair of brain activity visualization projects illustrates concepts and themes that affect human behavior and the realm of experience design.

Share:Exploring the Brain Through Experience Design
9 min read

A survey of mobile testing tools for unmoderated usability studies finds products and features that suit many different design needs.

Share:Mobile Testing Toolbox, Part 2
7 min read

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