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How to redesign an app and what is the purpose of doing a redesign?

How to Redesign an App: When to Do It and What to Start With
  • Kateryna Mayk, a content specialist at a SaaS design agency who writes about UI/UX design, defines the purpose of doing a redesign and helps you know if its time for a redesign.
  • Learn more about common reasons for an app redesign:
    • Outdated aesthetics
    • Negative customer reviews
    • Complex interface
    • Rebranding
  • If you do decide to redesign your application, you should think carefully about how to improve not only the appearance (UI) but also the feel of the application (UX).
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What can we learn from recent years about big emerging UX design problems to solve in the near and the far future?

The high-impact UX design areas of 2022-2030
  • Even though the UX field is relatively young, it already has a high impact on various aspects of our life.
  • Yaron Cohen, the Senior UX Researcher at RBC, shares a collection of new interesting problems the UX community will likely tackle in the rest of the 2020s including. What these areas have in common is:
    • Solutions with focus on back-end technology
    • Low market concentration
    • The need for government regulation to boost trust
  • The author lays out four UX challenges to solve in the coming years:
    • Helping to make society environmentally-conscious
    • Facilitating international travel in the post-COVID era
    • Reimagining money through digital currencies
    • Decentralizing the Web with blockchain
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Stop frustrating your users. Invest in notification strategy instead.

The UX of Notifications | How to Master the Art of Interrupting
  • As part of UX, notifications are key to leading the user to a better interaction with the product. Therefore, notification strategy should have a central role in UX design.
  • A good starting point is to create a user’s journey map and identify major pain points. This should serve to understand when and where notifications might be of help, rather than create confusion.
  • It’s a good practice to use a variety of notifications and provide the user with opt-outs so they don’t feel overwhelmed.
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A quick guide to introducing your app to users

How to design onboarding flows
  • Well-thought user onboarding is essential for customers engagement, satisfaction and ultimately their retention.
  • Best practices of exceptional onboarding experience include providing a simple overview of the product’s main features, use of visual content and motion design, concise copy.
  • Additionally, it is important to allow users to see their progress in the onboarding and skip non-essential steps.
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