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Embracing the Balance: Nurturing Humanity in an AI-Driven World. Depending on who you ask, AI is either empowerment or a means to take your job. I fall into the former camp, empowerment, and here’s why.

Article by Chris Kernaghan
Amidst All The AI Hype, Remember The Human Touch
  • The article emphasizes the importance of maintaining human connection and empathy in an AI-driven world.
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4 min read

A fresh perspective on the pace of change.

Article by Rich Nadworny
We Live In Precedented Times
  • The author challenges the idea that the current pace of change is unprecedented by comparing it to historical periods of transformation.
  • The author suggests focusing on present challenges and appreciating past advancements, rather than fixating on the concept of unprecedented times.
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4 min read

If you’re a fan of cartoons, you’ve probably seen that moment when the main character has a great idea, and a lightbulb turns on in their brain. Or maybe a genius plan falls into place. Well, “aha moments” aren’t just for cartoon characters. Businesses need them too.

Article by Adam Fard
Manufacturing “Aha Moments” For Your Users
  • An “aha moment” is the moment your users realize the value your product provides. The author suggests that finding the “aha moment” for your product starts with user interviews and usability testing to understand your users’ habits, priorities, and wants.
  • According to the author, to facilitate the “aha moment” for your users, you should focus on:
    • Onboarding;
    • Personalization;
    • Removing barriers or bottlenecks in the user experience.
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7 min read

Balancing Creativity and Analysis to Solve Complex Problems.

Article by Nate Schloesser
The Art & Science of Design
  • The article explores the balance between subjective creativity and objective analysis in design.
  • From the author’s perspective, designerʼs priorities should include:
    • Experimenting with new ideas;
    • Remaining receptive to feedback;
    • Relying on data analysis to refine and enhance their designs;
    • Generating solutions that positively impact society’s accessibility, sustainability, and social justice.
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12 min read

Robb and Josh talk about the changing nature of experience design as conversational AI becomes a fundamental part of the technology we encounter on a daily basis.

Article by UX Magazine Staff
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1 min read

Robb and Josh talk with special guest Greg Vert of Deloitte about the difficult work of moving forward with hyperautomation in enterprise settings.

Article by UX Magazine Staff
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Did you know UX Magazine hosts the most popular podcast about conversational AI?

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