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Article by Jenna Fizel
How AI and View-Masters are Helping Us Reimagine the Future
  • The article discusses how IDEO used AI tools to create retrofuturistic View-Master-style images for a futuring workshop on post-COVID D.C., with physical prints evoking visions of a greener, more connected future for the city.
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What is the meaning of the introduction of the Vision Pro device and Vision OS? After a week of reflection, and reading about experiences, I like to do a take here.

Article by Iskander Smit
Vision Is Not About The Goggles; It Is About A New Way Of Looking
  • The article discusses the introduction of Apple’s Vision Pro and Vision OS, highlighting their significance in shaping a new relationship with technology through a synthetic layer that enhances vision.
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6 min read
Article by Sampurna Datta Paul
Data, ML and AI: The in-betweens of Technology and Communication
  • The article emphasizes the need for accountable and unbiased AI systems, while also recognizing the importance of the human factor and empathy in technology development.
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Embrace the digital revolution and unlock the potential of your workforce.

Article by Kamales Lardi
Digital Culture In Organizations Shaping Behavior
  • The article explains why companies that prioritize digital culture during transformation initiatives report:
    • sustained strong or breakthrough performance;
    • empowering employees;
    • attracting talent;
    • preparing leadership to manage digitally-savvy employees.
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A fresh perspective on the pace of change.

Article by Rich Nadworny
We Live In Precedented Times
  • The author challenges the idea that the current pace of change is unprecedented by comparing it to historical periods of transformation.
  • The author suggests focusing on present challenges and appreciating past advancements, rather than fixating on the concept of unprecedented times.
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There is no more significant time to be a designer than the present and no greater reward than creating something new and contributing to the betterment of others, but this also comes with a huge responsibility. As new and emerging technologies evolve at an unprecedented pace, we must ask ourselves: if this pace continues to accelerate, what challenges will we face?

Article by Nour Diab Yunes
Shaping Future Interactions: AI, Ethics, and Robo-Utopia
  • The article proves that collaboration across fields of design, science, engineering, and technology is necessary to create a progressive future.
  • Bias in AI algorithms reflects societal biases and intersectional-centered approaches are necessary to prevent unfair consequences.
  • Advances in technology have allowed us to enhance our physical and cognitive skills, and we are entering a ‘post-human condition’ where our very identity as human beings is being redefined.
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