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The battle rages on to create compelling experiences that bank of the connectivity and data social networking services provide.

Share:The Emmys and Earthquakes, Shaking Up Social Media
3 min read

A survey of Digital Natives reveals a group of impatient users with fragmented attention spans who demand fast and intuitive products and services.

Share:Creating Outstanding Experiences for Digital Natives
4 min read

While controversial among freelancers, white-labeling your services to a company can open you up to a whole new world of opportunity.

Share:Go Ahead, White-Label Your Services
8 min read

Post-Service Personas help you understand the emotions of users after they end their relationship with a service or product, leading to better closure experiences.

Share:Using Post-Service Personas to Design Closure Experiences
3 min read

An excerpt from the new book Interface Design for Learning offers strategies for supporting community-building, collaborative learning, and successful social interaction.

Share:Learning from Each Other
8 min read

A closer look at the results in the Bringing Order to Big Data category of the international Design for Experience awards, featuring the winner: Roambi.

Share:Making Mountains of Data Rewarding to Roam
7 min read

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