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Research Methods and Techniques

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When it comes to delivering viable solutions, a lithe and muscular approach outpaces one that is weighed-down with too much information.

Article by David Gillis
Share:Lean Strategy for UX Design
7 min read

To create products that identify with a user’s sense of self, you need to design for reflective processing.

Article by David Moskovic
Share:Mirror, Mirror, on the Screen
10 min read

Devised in the 1980s, the Kano Model proves itself an invaluable tool for modern research, when leveraged properly.

Article by Jan Moorman
Share:Leveraging the Kano Model for Optimal Results
11 min read

An interactive breeding ground for meaningful user experience, the Exploratorium in San Francisco is a museum that demonstrates of the power of visitor-driven iterations.

Article by Eric Socolofsky
Share:Iterating for Visitors at the Exploratorium
7 min read

The broken telephone game was fun in grade school, but playing it during development and design leads to muddled user experience.

Article by Martin Crisp
Share:The Broken Telephone Game of Defining Software and UI Requirements
6 min read

Determining the crucial points of customer interaction can help you design experiences that connect, engage, and sell.

Article by Doug Klein
Share:Moments that Matter … Moments that Don’t
7 min read

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