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Research Methods and Techniques

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Smart navigation of the variable-rich world of eye-tracking systems will find the proper product to suit every need.

Article by Jon West
Share:Eyes are the Prize: Evaluating the benefits of eye-tracking equipment
9 min read

Illustrate stories with journey models to explore problems of long-term engagement and establish a framework for strategic and tactical decision-making.

Article by Jamie Thomson, Megan Grocki
Share:Illustrating the Big Picture
8 min read

International UX research mitigates risk, generates customer insights, and ensures that new products and services meet the needs of the intended local audiences.

Article by Elizabeth Shelly, Pamela Walshe, Liang Zhang
Share:6 Key Questions to Guide International UX Research
8 min read

When company executives participate in developing proto-personas, the customer’s point of view will figure more prominently in strategic decisions.

Article by Jeff Gothelf
Share:Using Proto-Personas for Executive Alignment
9 min read

Co-design workshops help designers partner with users to include their perspective in knowledge development, idea generation, and product development.

Article by Catalina Naranjo-Bock
Share:Creativity-based Research: The Process of Co-Designing with Users
10 min read

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