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We need street-level, people-centered perspectives that inform how our cities are designed. This is where equity design and ethical technologies can be harnessed.

Article by Adriana Valdez Young
Using Data to Design Equity-Centered Cities
Share:Using Data to Design Equity-Centered Cities
8 min read

Responsive web design is not just about adjustable screen resolutions an automatically resizing images. It is a whole new generation way of thinking about design.

Article by Rounak Bose
Share:A guide to the Responsive Design paradigm
8 min read

A conversation with Lyft Product Designer Kyo Kim

Article by David Hildebrand
Share:Behind the design: Building a seamless experience to request a ride for others
14 min read

Designing simple to use and understand products is not easy, but its a way to go, and there are quick ways to move towards simplicity.

Article by Taras Bakusevych
Share:How to Simplify Your Design
10 min read

So why didn’t the designers of electronic health records design them for the doctors, their users?

Article by Tiffany Goh
Share:How UX research can improve the quality of care we receive from doctors
3 min read

Ideas are easy and fun to create, which means that, for any given product, you have far more “great” ideas than you could ever build and test.

Article by Laura Klein
Share:Where Product Ideas Come From
8 min read

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