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A workshop activity that forges alignment on user needs, goals, and pain-points, Persona Empathy Mapping bridges the gap between personas and design concepts.

Article by Nikki Knox
Share:How to Use Persona Empathy Mapping
5 min read

Arrogance and seven other common mistakes can easily derail a design project. Avoid them all.

Article by Joseph Dickerson
Share:The Eight Most Common Mistakes Made on UX Design Projects
3 min read

Choosing a metaphor that helps us identify a brand’s character can provide a launching point for creating an effective customer journey.

Article by Tom Schneider
Share:Creating a Customer Ecosystem Using Brand Experience Metaphors
3 min read

Giving your client, stakeholder, or boss a better sense of what UX entails and requires can make your project more successful.

Article by Joseph Dickerson
Share:Seven Things Your Boss Needs to Know About UX
4 min read

An excerpt from the book A Web for Everyone, by Sarah Horton and Whitney Quesenbery, introduces a set of personas that can inform accessibility in design.

Article by Sarah Horton, Whitney Quesenbery
Share:Book Excerpt: A Web for Everyone
13 min read

Designing apps for users in a healthcare setting, requires an understanding of the emotional states of patients and doctors.

Article by Lorraine Chapman
Share:Accounting for Emotion in Heathcare Experience Design
7 min read

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