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Tips from a niche UX career development agency on creating a rewarding experience for hiring managers by putting some user-centered design magic into your portfolio.

Share:How Much UX have You Put into Your UX Portfolio?
6 min read

By finding common ground and learning from one another, UX designers and programmers can forge better environments for agile software development.

Share:So Agile Together: How designers and programmers can join forces to create great experiences
4 min read

Designing with input from users is especially valuable when creating complex and critical products for patients and their doctors.

Share:Participatory Design in Healthcare: Patients and doctors can bridge critical information gaps
6 min read

An in-depth look at the field of user experience shows that despite some truly explosive growth, we’ve still got some maturing to do.

Share:Who Are We and What Are We Doing?
6 min read

Solid information strategy moves users over the learning curve and through a rewarding experience with your product or service.

Share:Creating a Successful Information Experience for Your Users
6 min read

The personality types presented by Eastern and Western astrology don’t offer full-blooded user profiles, but they can be a good place to start a research session.

Share:What’s Your Sign? The everyday personas in the stars
6 min read

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