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Our ability to find the underlying problems puts experience designers in a unique position to bring positive change to healthcare efforts on a global scale.

Article by Tracy Brown
Share:Five Tips for Experience Designers Working to Improve Healthcare Innovation
6 min read

Wishing that Instagram had a feature for creating collages, one user decided to create her own a prototype.

Article by Lin Wang
Share:I Love You, Instagram … but Why Won’t You Let Me Make Collages?
3 min read

Looking at personas, goals, and scenarios relative to the characters, plot, and objectives of a novel or movie can help designers avoid self-referential thinking.

Article by Shlomo Goltz
Share:Persona Power
5 min read

Modifying Jeff Gothelf’s proto-persona process reveals another method of working with clients to establish executive alignment on target users.

Article by Brent Summers
Share:Revisiting Proto-Personas for Executive Alignment
6 min read

A divisive tool among practitioners, personas can bring the perspective of your end users into the design process and help build consensus among stakeholders.

Article by Shlomo Goltz
Share:Persona Grata
6 min read

Post-Service Personas help you understand the emotions of users after they end their relationship with a service or product, leading to better closure experiences.

Article by Joe Macleod
Share:Using Post-Service Personas to Design Closure Experiences
3 min read

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