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The battle rages on to create compelling experiences that bank of the connectivity and data social networking services provide.

Article by UX Magazine Staff
Share:The Emmys and Earthquakes, Shaking Up Social Media
3 min read

For connected cars to truly connect with users OEM’s need to figure out what’s really important to drivers and make their information systems simple to use.

Article by Doug Hopkins
Share:Avoiding Featuritis in the Connected Car Gold Rush
8 min read

Wearable technology can’t reach its full potential until it provides valued services without being obtrusive and causing the users extraneous learning pains.

Article by Pallavi Sharma
Share:What Will It Take to Make Your Grandma’s Wearable?
6 min read

In the wake of a new implementation of brain-computer interface headgear, we asked three UX Magazine contributors about the trajectory of wearable technology.

Article by UX Magazine Staff
Share:Wear Are We?
5 min read

A closer look at results in the Experience for Children category of the international Design for Experience awards, featuring the winner: Night Zookeeper.

Article by Josh Tyson
Share:Giving Kids Digital Experiences They Can Really Use
6 min read

A closer look at the results in the Interaction Design Innovation category of the international Design for Experience awards.

Article by UX Magazine Staff
Share:Interactions that Change the Way Customers Make Choices
4 min read

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