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Breaking down the strengths and limitations of search engines and GPT-3 language models.

Article by Aydin Ozcekic
Merging Search and GPT3
  • The author analyzes advancements in technology that have integrated search capabilities into chatbots for a more efficient user experience.
  • Comparing search and GPT3, it’s crucial to choose the technology that best fits the specific needs and goals of the user:
    • GPT-3 language model is content-centered, ideal for text-based information manipulation;
    • Search engines are best for point-to-point information retrieval.
  • The combination of chatbots and search engines can potentially cannibalize each other, leading to a double-edged sword scenario.
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5 min read

What to expect from Google after a GPT3 solution release?

Article by Aydin Ozcekic
Google’s Dilemma (GPT3)
  • Everyone is waiting for Google to respond to the GPT3 solution as Google possesses the necessary tools to develop the greatest AI solutions.
  • There is a significant distinction between the ways GPT3 and Google search operate:
    • GPT3 can access data and produce solutions while Google displays the best resources that might be available.
    • GPT3 is responsible for the answer it produces while Google is not.
    • GPT3 concentrates on producing the best possible response while Google anticipates your questions.
    • GPT3 represents the side of knowledge centralization while Google represents the diversity of knowledge.
  • According to the author, it’s crucial for Google to support websites that are the foundation of revenue and not change the way it works.
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A deep dive into the map apps rivalry.

Article by Peter Ramsey
Apple Maps vs Google Maps
  • Apple and Google have battled for control of the map applications market for almost ten years. The article provides an illustration of the advantages and disadvantages of each app.
  • The success of Google Maps can be explained by the following aspects:
    • The breadth of data.
    • Better сontextualization of data.
    • Reliability partners for sourcing data.
    • Accuracy of routes and shortcuts for pedestrians.
  • Nevertheless, Apple has some strong features, especially when it comes to handling stressful situations (e.g. calming and very human narration, detailed parking location information).
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Apple Maps vs Google Maps

For an enterprise product to achieve the greatest success, companies should deliver an experience for users that meets the same standards evident in consumer products.

Article by Amanda Linden
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7 min read

No one can make sweeping generalizations about what to change or how to optimize conversion rates. But if you go in with an open mind, you can learn something new.

Article by Lucy Barret
Share:Handy Tips for Improving Web UX for Better Conversion Rates
8 min read

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