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Global Products and Localization

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“My momma always told me, UX is as UX does.”

Article by Steve Tengler
Share:Five User Experience Lessons from Tom Hanks
7 min read

The power, prevalence, and portability of mobile technology give designers and developers the power to change lives the world over.

Article by Tim R. Todish
Share:The Ultimate User Experience
5 min read

Conducting user research in a region as sprawling, diverse, and rapidly changing as Asia poses a real challenge for Western companies—here are five ways to make it easier.

Article by Carissa Carter
Share:Five Lessons Learned Doing User Research in Asia
8 min read

International UX research mitigates risk, generates customer insights, and ensures that new products and services meet the needs of the intended local audiences.

Article by Elizabeth Shelly, Pamela Walshe, Liang Zhang
Share:6 Key Questions to Guide International UX Research
8 min read

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