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The experience of shopping will change as emerging technologies alter the way products are packaged and presented to consumers.

Share:Packaging as Media and the Future of Customer Experience
7 min read

Calling the future of mobile “bright” is an understatement: the possibilities are endless, provided designers keep users at the center.

Share:Designing for Mobile Superpower
6 min read

Where user experience in cars is concerned, there are distinct advantages and disadvantages to moving systems to the cloud.

Share:The Cloud is Hazy for Automotive UX
6 min read

It seems as though users respond to digital social experiences that make them feel something.

Share:Creating Social Experiences that Customers Care About
5 min read

A branding assignment with a small Scottish cheesemaker provides fertile examples of good user experience doing its thing.

Share:UX is for Cheesemakers, Too
8 min read

“My momma always told me, UX is as UX does.”

Share:Five User Experience Lessons from Tom Hanks
7 min read

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