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Global Products and Localization

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All the winners have been chosen! Take a look.

Share:Announcing Winners of the 2016 UX Magazine Awards!

We’re developing a special coffee for winners of the Design for Experience awards

Share:Taste Victory with Design for Experience Private Roast Coffee

The application deadline in the Design for Experience awards has been extended to March 14.

Share:Application Deadline Extended in the DfE Awards

Global brands have local audiences and need to balance the demands of localization with the need for consistency in their content.

Share:Writing English for Global Audiences

You can get free book from Rosenfeld Media by recommending someone for a Design for Experience award.

Share:Help Us Find Examples of Great UX … Get a Free Book

The 2014 international Design for Experience awards program, presented by UX Magazine, is now accepting applications and recommendations.

Share:Kicking Off the 2014 Design for Experience Awards

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