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The 2014 international Design for Experience awards program, presented by UX Magazine, is now accepting applications and recommendations.

Share:Kicking Off the 2014 Design for Experience Awards
2 min read

Connecting with users in China often depends on communicating Western quality and authenticity, and emphasizing that what they see is what they get.

Share:Chinese Users Want the Same E-Com Experiences as Their Western Counterparts
5 min read

Steve Krug, Nathan Shedroff, and Abby Covert take a crystal-ball look into the future of UX.

Share:QuickPanel: UX Futures
9 min read

Our ability to find the underlying problems puts experience designers in a unique position to bring positive change to healthcare efforts on a global scale.

Share:Five Tips for Experience Designers Working to Improve Healthcare Innovation
6 min read

In the wake of a new implementation of brain-computer interface headgear, we asked three UX Magazine contributors about the trajectory of wearable technology.

Share:Wear Are We?
5 min read

A conversation between Jesse James Garrett and Ken Jennings about the overlap between mapheads and designers serves as a preview for UX Week 2014.

Share:Jesse James Garrett and Ken Jennings Talk Maps and Design
8 min read

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