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The right arrow is a popular navigation tool but it lacks a consistent style and function, creating much confusion for users.

Share:Everybody Does Right Wrong
6 min read

Here are four questions you must ask when taking the important step of optimizing your site for mobile.

Share:4 Questions to Ask When Optimizing Your Site for Mobile
4 min read

As the buying process moves online, smart businesses are adapting and realizing the necessity of reading and responding to the digital body language of their prospects.

Share:Designing for Different Online Personality Types
7 min read

An intercept at the start of checkout on your e-commerce site frustrates users and may cost you far more sales than it gains you.

Share:Half-Math and That Gushing Hole in Your Bucket
8 min read

Embracing the messiness and complexity of the systems, users, and contexts we’re designing for can yield flexible future-proofed products.

Share:Designing for Imperfection in Action
8 min read

Setting clear expectations, minimizing distractions, and eliminating pages can boost the checkout experience.

Share:Shopping Cart Usability
4 min read

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