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Defining AI

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Breaking down the strengths and limitations of search engines and GPT-3 language models.

Article by Aydin Ozcekic
Merging Search and GPT3
  • The author analyzes advancements in technology that have integrated search capabilities into chatbots for a more efficient user experience.
  • Comparing search and GPT3, it’s crucial to choose the technology that best fits the specific needs and goals of the user:
    • GPT-3 language model is content-centered, ideal for text-based information manipulation;
    • Search engines are best for point-to-point information retrieval.
  • The combination of chatbots and search engines can potentially cannibalize each other, leading to a double-edged sword scenario.
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Discover the potential and pitfalls of generative AI against a surprising backdrop: Galaxy Quest.

Article by Robb Wilson
3 Ways ChatGPT is a Lot Like Galaxy Quest
  • In the article, the author draws a parallel between ChatGPT and elements from the iconic film Galaxy Quest, finding remarkable similarities.
    • Just like the aliens in Galaxy Quest, GPT has learned from a massive knowledge base, but it doesn’t really know anything.
    • GPT has been exposed to some of the same biases that the film skewers. It will require a lot of dedicated effort by designers and users to strip the bias out of LLMs.
    • In the film, aliens need humans’ help. Despite their expertise in creating technical marvels, they lack the creative abilities needed to use them. The same holds true for AI: it needs humans to guide it and tell it what to do.
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Generative AI is making headlines, in the literal sense.

Article by Julia Anderson
5 Reasons to Embrace the Generative AI Hype
  • While some fear generative AI and see it as competition to human effort, it can be used as a collaboration tool.
  • The author describes five ways to adopt generative AI to benefit from it:
    • Use it as a tool for rapid ideation and, therefore, inspiration for creating.
    • Facilitate knowledge management that allows humans to test limitless possibilities AI generates.
    • Personalise experience for customers for building relationships with them.
    • Unload from routine tasks – making time for more sophisticated tasks.
    • Practice collective intelligence – generative Ai is being trained on millions of interactions with people making it a powerful “copilot” in various activities.
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Can artificial intelligence help people be more supportive of each other in online conversations?

Article by Marlynn Wei
Can Human-AI Collaboration Enhance Empathy?
  • The author analyzes the recent study on the opportunity for open-ended, social, creative empathic discussions to benefit from feedback-driven, AI-in-the-loop writing systems.
  • Due to AI systems’ difficulty in comprehending complex human emotions and the open-ended nature of these jobs, such human-AI collaboration poses difficulties for more difficult, creative tasks, like carrying out empathetic discussions.
  • The author names a number of design opportunities and challenges when it comes to developing AI systems that support empathy.
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Here are the top 10 most-read UX Magazine articles in Q4 of 2022. This collection of articles was read, shared, and discussed the most.

Article by UX Magazine Staff
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The answer relies upon psychological science.

Article by Emeric Kubiak
AI in the Workplace: How to Get Everyone Onboard?
  • According to the author, AI is booming; it’s considered critical to success in the next five years by 94% of business leaders.
  • Some fears and concerns remain when AI is implemented, and companies often underestimate people- and change-management aspects.
  • Psychological science about change can help promote AI acceptance through seven phases of concern.
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AI in the Workplace: How to Get Everyone Onboard?

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