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Contextual User Studies

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Avoid having users hit a dreaded dead-end when using financial apps by optimizing customer experience.

Article by Eric Camulli
Share:Problems and Solutions for Financial Smartphone Apps
6 min read

Conducting user research in a region as sprawling, diverse, and rapidly changing as Asia poses a real challenge for Western companies—here are five ways to make it easier.

Article by Carissa Carter
Share:Five Lessons Learned Doing User Research in Asia
8 min read

In flow, the experience is rich and deep, and helps users be productive and highly creative.

Article by Dana Chisnell
Share:Beyond Task Completion: Flow in Design
13 min read

The true story of ethnography at PARC, and how it reveals the power of ethnography.

Article by PARC
Share:Busting the Myth of the Giant Green Button
4 min read
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