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Contextual User Studies

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Taking your user research out of the usability lab and into the field can give you better insights, educate your client, and energize your team.

Article by James Chudley
Share:Get out of the Lab and into the Real World
7 min read

User acceptance testing for mobile poses an array of challenges—here are some hard-won lessons on doing it right.

Article by Tania Lang
Share:Eight Lessons in Mobile Usability Testing
9 min read

User-centered designers and researchers now have the tools and techniques to deliver more personalized (and valuable) experiences than ever before.

Article by Matthew Fiore
Share:Creating Savvy and Sophisticated User Experiences through Personalization
5 min read

Potent lessons in improving user-centered designs from an unlikely source: Laura Dern.

Article by Steve Tengler
Share:Five User Experience Lessons from Laura Dern
8 min read

Often mocked and misunderstood, when created with diligence and integrity, personas are an extremely valuable design tool.

Article by Kyra Edeker, Jan Moorman
Share:Love, Hate, and Empathy: Why We Still Need Personas
6 min read

A digital wedding planning design project with Martha Stewart Living demonstrates the power of taking UX research to the next level.

Article by Rebecca Flavin
Share:Sharpening Your Competitive Edge with UX Research
4 min read

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