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As I sit and reflect on my 3.5 years at Uber, I feel grateful and amazed by how much I’ve learned and grown in this role.

Article by Minal Jain
Share:Ten things I’ve learned as a UX researcher at Uber
12 min read

Adopting practices that elevate the customer experience will undoubtedly produce a return on investment and provide a steady foundation for your brand.

Article by Chuck Longanecker
Share:Customer Experience Is the Future of Design
5 min read

I’m a Divvy bikes member and fan, but there have been some speed bumps in my Divvy user experience.

Article by Will Scott
Share:Divvy Bikes Review
7 min read

Selecting your octane level at the gas pump should be an easy interaction, but that’s not the world we live in.

Article by Daniel Brown
Share:Which Button to Press at the Pump? #wtfUX
2 min read

Turning the air conditioning on and off in a rental car finds one user confused by the meaning of a little red light.

Article by Josh Tyson
Share:Does the Red Light Mean the AC Is On or Off? #wtfUX
1 min read

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