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Successful Adoption of AI with Jeff McMillan, Head of AD&I, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

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Despite the complexity and sensitivity innate to financial institutions, Morgan Stanley was able to partner with Open AI to create AI @ Morgan Stanley Assistant. Chief Analytics and Data Officer Jeff McMillan describes it as the most advanced personal assistant in the financial sector and he joins Robb and Josh to talk about the design process, which involved working closely with Sam Altman and the team at OpenAI. Jeff’s experiences creating a sophisticated automated solution in a heavily regulated industry offer strategy and inspiration to other orgs hoping to make similar transformations. (NOTE: this episode was recorded before Sam Altman’s departure from OpenAI.)

Jeff McMillan is the Head of Analytics, Data, & Innovation for Morgan Stanley Wealth Management where he spearheads the strategic use of analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to drive growth and efficiency. With a background at Morgan Stanley dating back to 2009, Jeff has held key roles such as Head of Advisor Platforms and COO for the Investment Strategy Group, playing a crucial part in the integration of advisor and client platforms during the Morgan Stanley and Smith Barney merger.

A graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point with a BS in economics, Jeff’s career began in the military, serving as an armor officer and scout platoon leader. His leadership skills transitioned seamlessly into the financial sector, where he now not only shapes Morgan Stanley’s analytical and AI strategies but also serves as Co-chair of the Veterans Employee Network, demonstrating his commitment to supporting veterans within the organization.

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