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One Messaging Channel to Rule Them All? With RJ Owen, Principal Product Designer, Slack

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As the Principal Product Designer at Slack, RJ Owen has a hand in shaping a communication channel that’s come to redefine productivity while setting a trajectory for how team members collaborate in the post-pandemic world. RJ joins Robb and Josh for a deep conversation exploring the many intricacies of decision management and how the future of productivity might reside in swiping right or left. AI is uncannily good at summarizing information, but as this episode explains, the experience of delivering relevant content to users remains a sizable design challenge.

RJ Owen is a distinguished professional renowned for his exceptional combination of technical prowess, design thinking, and effective communication in the technology and design industry. With a career spanning key roles at Salesforce, Slack, and Convercent, RJ has consistently demonstrated his leadership skills, leaving an indelible mark on product development and organizational culture.

His journey, marked by roles ranging from award-winning top developer to Director of User Experience Design, reflects a commitment to personal and professional growth, as well as a deep understanding of the importance of user-centric design in the rapidly evolving tech landscape. RJ currently serves as a Principal Product Designer at Slack. Before this role, he dedicated three years and five months as a Principal UX Designer at Salesforce, where he played a pivotal role in shaping the user experience. RJ’s impactful contributions in these key positions underscore his expertise in design thinking and his commitment to enhancing user interactions within prominent tech organizations.

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