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Don Scheibenreif

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Robb and guest-host Michael Salamon have a conversation with Don Scheibenreif, Vice President, Distinguished Analyst with Gartner’s Customer Experience research group. As the co-author of When Machines Become Customers, Don provides insights into the logistical and trust issues that arise as machines begin buying things on behalf of humans.

Don Scheibenreif is a seasoned professional with a dynamic career that bridges technology and marketing expertise. With over 22 years of experience as a senior marketing leader in CPG, Retail, and B2B Distribution, Don transitioned to Gartner, the world’s foremost technology research advisory firm, where he now serves as a Distinguished VP Analyst. His role encompasses guiding customer experience and IT leaders in leveraging emerging trends to enhance customer experiences and navigate digital transformations. He recently co-authored the book, When Machines Become Customers, about how  AI-powered, non-human customers are coming to your business soon. 

Don’s extensive background in corporate marketing and leadership roles at companies like WW Grainger, The Coca-Cola Co., and The Quaker Oats Co. (now PepsiCo) provides him with a unique perspective in understanding and addressing challenges and opportunities in customer engagement for driving growth.

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