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Daniel Brown

Daniel has spent the past 20 years in software companies both large and small. From web design and development for a “boutique” web design firm to Evangelism for Adobe Systems, to helping budding startup companies get a foothold in the market, he’s worn a variety of “hats”. Daniel has spoken at a variety of events worldwide including the Sundance Film Festival, Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Santa Fe Digital Workshops, and the Pacific Imaging Center in Hawaii on the topics of web design, digital imaging, photography, and user experience. Daniel currently serves as the head of the interface and user experience department at a small medical software company in Providence, Rhode Island.

Selecting your octane level at the gas pump should be an easy interaction, but that’s not the world we live in.

Article by Daniel Brown
Share:Which Button to Press at the Pump? #wtfUX
2 min read

Why does Windows reverse the cap settings when you press the shift button while caps lock is engaged? iT’S wEIRD.

Article by Daniel Brown
Share:The Trouble with Caps Lock #wtfUX
2 min read

User feedback is the lifeblood of experience design. Make it easy and rewarding for your customers to share their feelings and ideas about your product or service.

Article by Daniel Brown
Share:Don’t Make it Hard for Users to Provide Feedback #wtfUX
2 min read

Dear ATM machine, if I can only take out money in $20 increments, why are you presenting me with 1,3,5,7 and 9 buttons?

Article by Daniel Brown
Share:ATM Interfaces, Multiples of 20, and Too Many Buttons #wtfUX
1 min read

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