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Adam Fard

Founder and CEO | Adam Fard Studio

Adam is a senior lead UX/UI designer with more than 8 years of experience. Adam’s passion for design steadily grew into his own agency, that he’s currently leading.

If you’re a fan of cartoons, you’ve probably seen that moment when the main character has a great idea, and a lightbulb turns on in their brain. Or maybe a genius plan falls into place. Well, “aha moments” aren’t just for cartoon characters. Businesses need them too.

Article by Adam Fard
Manufacturing “Aha Moments” For Your Users
  • An “aha moment” is the moment your users realize the value your product provides. The author suggests that finding the “aha moment” for your product starts with user interviews and usability testing to understand your users’ habits, priorities, and wants.
  • According to the author, to facilitate the “aha moment” for your users, you should focus on:
    • Onboarding;
    • Personalization;
    • Removing barriers or bottlenecks in the user experience.
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Banking and finance have dwelled in an ivory tower throughout their history.

Article by Adam Fard
Fintech UX Design Trends for 2023
  • Many banks are implementing innovative solutions to make the user experience not only effective but also fun.
  • The article covers the following fintech-driven trends:
    • gamification;
    • product identity;
    • centralization;
    • fully mobile banking;
    • social banking;
    • data visualization;
    • human language.
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Zoom has seen massive success over the last few years. However, some of its issues can make the overall experience pretty clunky and odd at times. Find out what are those in the article below.

Article by Adam Fard
Zoom UX Review: 8 Ways To Make The App Better
  • The article covers some issues in Zoom product’s overall experience and some user needs that the author believes to be still unmet.
  • The list of Zoom’s issues to be improved:
    • Starting an instant meeting
    • Opening Zoom links
    • Endless scroll
    • When someone requests to join the call
    • Look and feel
    • Weird way to be logged in as a host
    • Integration with desktop and collaboration
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6 min read
Zoom UX Review: 8 Ways To Make The App Better

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