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Workshops and Brainstorming

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If you’re working with an audience across the globe, all under budget and time constraints, remote user testing can provide the rich data to help make informed decisions.

Article by Anna Lurchenko
Share:Remote User Research & Usability Methods
11 min read

Even with open communications, “risk” and “failure” are still uncomfortable terms for most people. So, how can you make sure your team embraces them?

Article by Sebastian Sabouné
Share:Why You Need to Fail to Succeed
5 min read

Results of the Work Environment for Digital Practitioners category of the Design for Experience awards show what agencies are doing to stay vibrant and relevant.

Article by Josh Tyson
Share:Experiment, Share, Evolve, Repeat
3 min read

Keeping momentum behind your creativity is key to crafting innovative experiences and requires flexibility, determination, and patience.

Article by Siri Mehus
Share:Bottling Lightning
9 min read

Post-Service Personas help you understand the emotions of users after they end their relationship with a service or product, leading to better closure experiences.

Article by Joe Macleod
Share:Using Post-Service Personas to Design Closure Experiences
3 min read

A workshop activity that forges alignment on user needs, goals, and pain-points, Persona Empathy Mapping bridges the gap between personas and design concepts.

Article by Nikki Knox
Share:How to Use Persona Empathy Mapping
5 min read

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