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Workshops and Brainstorming

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A useful blast from the past, PDDs let you work with clients to organize site priorities without muddling design.

Article by Colin Butler, Andrew Wirtanen
Share:Re-Introducing Page Description Diagrams
7 min read

Cross-disciplinary groups can be a fountain of good ideas under the guiding wing of a good facilitator.

Article by Gail Swanson
Share:Getting Fruitful Collaboration Instead of Stale Groupthink
7 min read

Sometimes the best way to work with stakeholders is through a collaborative and creative approach that fosters co-creation.

Article by Angela Craven
Share:Designing with Stakeholders? Accelerating the design process through co-creation
5 min read

Universal Methods of Design earns a spot on the shelf—a resource for user-centric research methods that is filled with bright ideas.

Article by Cyd Harrell
Share:Book Review – “Universal Methods of Design”
6 min read

The cyclical mundane nature of standard meetings can be avoided by throwing a one-day workshop that solves problems in an efficient, proactive, and fun environment.

Article by Beth Koloski
Share:Don’t Have a Meeting, Throw a Workshop
7 min read

When company executives participate in developing proto-personas, the customer’s point of view will figure more prominently in strategic decisions.

Article by Jeff Gothelf
Share:Using Proto-Personas for Executive Alignment
9 min read

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