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Card decks are an enduring tool with the power to transform digital and physical experiences by helping designers reorganize their thoughts and inspiring new interfaces

Article by Stephanie Gioia
Share:Card Decks: Tactile Tools for Pattern Finders, Integrative Thinkers, and Inspiration Seekers
4 min read

The winners of our Drawing Ideas giveaway use sketches to imagine hypothetical uses for wearables.

Article by UX Magazine Staff
Share:The Future of Wearable Technology in Pictures
3 min read

Three steps you can follow to make your mobile design process more fruitful: Simplify, Prioritize, and Bulletproof.

Article by Will Hacker
Share:Making Mobile Design More Productive in Three Simple Steps
6 min read

Creating an online community within your website can enrich customer service, deepen the relationship users have with your products, and grow brand loyalty.

Article by Laith Ulaby
Share:Social Networks can be More than Just a “Like”
8 min read

As we opt-in to giving more and more of our selves over to technology, we risk trading dignity for convenience.

Article by Bryan Goodpaster
Share:The Hubris and Humility of Opting In
7 min read

Randy Farmer, Brenda Laurel, and Christina Wodtke discuss the isolating elements of pervasive mobile technnology

Article by Mary Jean Babic
Share:QuickPanel: Digital Cocooning
7 min read

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