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Wishing that Instagram had a feature for creating collages, one user decided to create her own a prototype.

Share:I Love You, Instagram … but Why Won’t You Let Me Make Collages?

Home to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Diagon Alley, Universal Studios is also a source of guidance and inspiration for experience designers.

Share:Four Things I Learned about UX at Universal Studios

UX professionals can learn a lot about how to deliver a forceful, commanding, and compelling pitch from Mad Men’s Don Draper.

Share:How to Pitch to Your Stakeholders like Don Draper

Choosing a metaphor that helps us identify a brand’s character can provide a launching point for creating an effective customer journey.

Share:Creating a Customer Ecosystem Using Brand Experience Metaphors

A closer look at the results in the Interactive Component of an Advertising Campaign category of the international Design for Experience awards.

Share:The Winning Experience of Playing Video Games for Beer

Extending your passion for asking questions and seeking answers into relationships with your team members is an example-led way of evangelizing the power of UX.

Share:UX as Design Leadership

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