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Privacy and Data Security

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Connecting with users in China often depends on communicating Western quality and authenticity, and emphasizing that what they see is what they get.

Article by Ernie Diaz
Share:Chinese Users Want the Same E-Com Experiences as Their Western Counterparts
5 min read

Steve Krug, Nathan Shedroff, and Abby Covert take a crystal-ball look into the future of UX.

Article by Mary Jean Babic
Share:QuickPanel: UX Futures
9 min read

Our understanding of time is dependent on the lens we use, and data visualizations can provide a set of lenses for viewing time from different perspectives.

Article by Hunter Whitney
Share:It’s About Time
8 min read

While perhaps not the “biggest iOS release ever” promised by Apple, iOS 8 includes significant UX improvements alongside some notable interface updates.

Article by Alex Demichev
Share:Is iOS 8 the “Biggest Release” yet or Just a More Polished Version of iOS 7?
4 min read

By tapping into vast amounts of customer data that other industries don’t have access to, financial institutions can use analytics to improve customer experiences.

Article by Rich Berkman
Share:Why Banks Need to Revamp their User Experience
6 min read

Surprisingly, a series of grievous UX fails by Apple led to the recent leak of hundreds of private photos of female celebrities.

Article by Joseph Dickerson
Share:UX, Nude Celebrity Selfies, and the Cloud
4 min read

Did you know UX Magazine hosts the most popular podcast about conversational AI?

Listen to Invisible Machines

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