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Persuasive Design

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Our interactions provide personalization algorithms with data, which in turn, provide us with tailored content.

Share:How filter bubbles confirm our biases and what we can do about it

As it stands today, consumption of content is at an all-time high, and it’s on its way upwards.

Share:Bingewatch Culture: Netflix, UX and the slow demise of moderation

Biases often creep into our design decisions. We should avoid such biases and understand the importance of staying neutral while evaluating everyone’s opinion.

Share:6 Ways Psychology Affects Your Design Work

When users are accustomed to using a pattern, even a minor change in that pattern can be very expensive in performance terms.

Share:The Price Of Not Using UX Patterns

Here they are! The winners of the 2014 international Design for Experience awards.

Share:Announcing Winners in the 2014 Design for Experience Awards

When a performed action happens faster than expected, users may not appreciate the effort put into it or believe that the action happened at all.

Share:Let Your Users Wait

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