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As radio frequency identification tags become more cost effective, a smart fridge might emerge that is able to take full advantage of the Internet of Things

Article by Avi Itzkovitch
Share:The Internet of Things and the Mythical Smart Fridge
12 min read

We’re giving away three digital copies of the new Rosenfeld Media book, Design for Care: Innovating Healthcare Experience, by Peter H. Jones.

Article by UX Magazine Staff
Share:Win This Book! Design for Care: Innovating Healthcare Experience
1 min read

An excerpt from the “Design Research for Healthcare Services” chapter of the new book Design for Care explains participatory scenario design in the context of health.

Article by Peter H. Jones
Share:Book Excerpt: Design For Care
3 min read

When used correctly, a Chief Customer Officer can drive customer experience efforts that change the way a company operates for the better.

Article by Paul Hagen
Share:How Chief Customer Officers Orchestrate Experiences
4 min read

Designing with input from users is especially valuable when creating complex and critical products for patients and their doctors.

Article by Andrii Glushko
Share:Participatory Design in Healthcare: Patients and doctors can bridge critical information gaps
6 min read

As the book “Make It So” points out, Star Trek has influenced the course of interaction design and continues to push the boundaries of design imagination.

Article by Christopher Noessel, Nathan Shedroff, UX Magazine Staff
Share:Make It So: Five Lessons in Interaction Design from Star Trek
7 min read

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