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As radio frequency identification tags become more cost effective, a smart fridge might emerge that is able to take full advantage of the Internet of Things

Share:The Internet of Things and the Mythical Smart Fridge
12 min read

We’re giving away three digital copies of the new Rosenfeld Media book, Design for Care: Innovating Healthcare Experience, by Peter H. Jones.

Share:Win This Book! Design for Care: Innovating Healthcare Experience
1 min read

An excerpt from the “Design Research for Healthcare Services” chapter of the new book Design for Care explains participatory scenario design in the context of health.

Share:Book Excerpt: Design For Care
3 min read

When used correctly, a Chief Customer Officer can drive customer experience efforts that change the way a company operates for the better.

Share:How Chief Customer Officers Orchestrate Experiences
4 min read

Designing with input from users is especially valuable when creating complex and critical products for patients and their doctors.

Share:Participatory Design in Healthcare: Patients and doctors can bridge critical information gaps
6 min read

As the book “Make It So” points out, Star Trek has influenced the course of interaction design and continues to push the boundaries of design imagination.

Share:Make It So: Five Lessons in Interaction Design from Star Trek
7 min read

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