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Jesse James Garrett, Margot Bloomstein, and Andy Polaine offer their visions for the future of UX.

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As the field of experience design continues to mature, enhanced research techniques and new tactics for measuring emotional response will help us improve users’ lives.

Share:Five Movements in Design That We Should Pay Attention To

Our ability to find the underlying problems puts experience designers in a unique position to bring positive change to healthcare efforts on a global scale.

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For technology to truly improve education, design needs to be the centerpiece for innovation, making the value proposition a better experience.

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In the wake of a new implementation of brain-computer interface headgear, we asked three UX Magazine contributors about the trajectory of wearable technology.

Share:Wear Are We?

While controversial among freelancers, white-labeling your services to a company can open you up to a whole new world of opportunity.

Share:Go Ahead, White-Label Your Services

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