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A Cartesian preoccupation with a product’s properties prevents seeing designs in context of a user’s deeply personal world, à la Heidegger.

Article by Jeff Doemland
Share:What are Users Up to When they Have an Experience?
7 min read

A gig with a startup teaches a seasoned content strategist the real difference between web writing and UX writing.

Article by Ben Barone-Nugent
Share:Three Lessons Learned Doing Content Strategy for a Startup
4 min read

A look at the two primary uses of AI—”instrumental” and “affective”—that significantly boost the UX of a product.

Article by Aria Haghighi
Share:Two Ways Artificial Intelligence Contributes to Great User Experience
6 min read

With gamification continuing to grow in popularity as a way to engage users, the new book Gamification at Work lays out the five steps of “player centered design.”

Article by Janaki Kumar
Share:Five Steps to Enterprise Gamification
7 min read

A discussion about the considerations that go into designing digital experiences and visitor experiences in a museum finds plenty of overlap and inspiration.

Article by Mary Oakland, Shana West
Share:UX and The Museum: Converging perspectives on experience design
5 min read

Getting into the nitty-gritty of online dating reveals a complex user experience evolving toward the ubiquity of social networking.

Article by Jayse Lee
Share:The Evolution of the Online Dating Experience
6 min read

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