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Article by Rich Nadworny
Ideation and AI
  • The article discusses a study that compares the ideation abilities of MBA students and ChatGPT, with ChatGPT outperforming in both the quantity and quality of ideas.
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3 min read

A Masterclass in What to Do (and not to do).

Article by Nate Schloesser
How to NOT Be a Bad Design Manager
  • The article explores the nuances of effective design management by drawing on the experiences and insights of the author.
  • The author provides practical tips and lessons learned from past mistakes to guide design managers in fostering a culture of growth, innovation, and support within their teams.
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11 min read

How Alphonse Chapanis, a young psychologist, saved the lives of WWII pilots through clever design.

Article by David Hall
Pilot Error, Chapanis and The Shape of Things to Come
  • The article delves into how Alphonse Chapanis, a pioneering psychologist, transformed aircraft design during World War II. The author expertly illustrates the power of thoughtful design in high-pressure environments.
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5 min read
Article by Fabrice Pohlmann
What is Behavioral Design?
  • The article explores the essence of Behavioral Design, a method amalgamating psychology and design methodologies to shape human behavior and habits.
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6 min read

Ben Golik recently joined Uncommon CX as a creative partner. Here, he shares his thoughts on the hot topic of artificial intelligence (AI) and why it’s a tool, not a terror, for creatives.

Article by Benjamin Golik
Why Today’s Creatives Need To Run Towards AI. And Run Fast
  • The article explores AI as a valuable tool for creativity rather than a threat discussing the remixing nature of creativity — AI offers a unique way to remix words, thoughts, and images.
  • The author advocates embracing AI’s potential and collaborative capabilities to enhance creativity while cautioning against the risk of over-automation in customer experiences.
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2 min read

The opposite direction is the right one.

Article by Marcelo Brum
Behavioral Design: What Is It? And Why Should You Learn To Apply It?
  • The article introduces the concept of Behavioral Design, emphasizing the importance of understanding cognitive biases and delivering value to all parties involved in the user experience.
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4 min read

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