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There is no more significant time to be a designer than the present and no greater reward than creating something new and contributing to the betterment of others, but this also comes with a huge responsibility. As new and emerging technologies evolve at an unprecedented pace, we must ask ourselves: if this pace continues to accelerate, what challenges will we face?

Article by Nour Diab Yunes
Shaping Future Interactions: AI, Ethics, and Robo-Utopia
  • The article proves that collaboration across fields of design, science, engineering, and technology is necessary to create a progressive future.
  • Bias in AI algorithms reflects societal biases and intersectional-centered approaches are necessary to prevent unfair consequences.
  • Advances in technology have allowed us to enhance our physical and cognitive skills, and we are entering a ‘post-human condition’ where our very identity as human beings is being redefined.
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9 min read

Breaking down the strengths and limitations of search engines and GPT-3 language models.

Article by Aydin Ozcekic
Merging Search and GPT3
  • The author analyzes advancements in technology that have integrated search capabilities into chatbots for a more efficient user experience.
  • Comparing search and GPT3, it’s crucial to choose the technology that best fits the specific needs and goals of the user:
    • GPT-3 language model is content-centered, ideal for text-based information manipulation;
    • Search engines are best for point-to-point information retrieval.
  • The combination of chatbots and search engines can potentially cannibalize each other, leading to a double-edged sword scenario.
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Robb and Josh talk about the changing nature of experience design as conversational AI becomes a fundamental part of the technology we encounter on a daily basis.

Article by UX Magazine Staff
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Robb and Josh talk with special guest Greg Vert of Deloitte about the difficult work of moving forward with hyperautomation in enterprise settings.

Article by UX Magazine Staff
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Article by Nate Schloesser
Using AI to Break Down Barriers in UX Design
  • In the article, the author explores the potential AI has to enhance accessibility in UX design by learning and adapting to individual users with disabilities.
  • The article covers these 7 techniques for enhancing accessibility with AI:
    • Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text
    • Image Recognition and Description
    • Voice Recognition
    • Personalization and Adaptation
    • Predictive Text and Autocomplete
    • Context-Aware Computing
    • Assistive Technologies
  • The demand for accessible and inclusive design will continue to increase, making it crucial for designers and developers to stay up-to-date on the latest advances in AI and accessibility.
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11 min read

Robb and Josh talk about the elevated levels of risk and experimentation required to move hyperautomation forward.

Article by UX Magazine Staff
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