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On the first episode of Invisible Machines, Robb and Josh talk about the ways generative AI and hyperautomation might change the way we think about productivity and our relationship to work.

Article by UX Magazine Staff
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The authors of the Wall Street Journal bestselling business book, Age of Invisible Machines continue their conversation about conversational AI in a new podcast produced by UX Magazine.

Article by UX Magazine Staff
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Discover the potential and pitfalls of generative AI against a surprising backdrop: Galaxy Quest.

Article by Robb Wilson
3 Ways ChatGPT is a Lot Like Galaxy Quest
  • In the article, the author draws a parallel between ChatGPT and elements from the iconic film Galaxy Quest, finding remarkable similarities.
    • Just like the aliens in Galaxy Quest, GPT has learned from a massive knowledge base, but it doesn’t really know anything.
    • GPT has been exposed to some of the same biases that the film skewers. It will require a lot of dedicated effort by designers and users to strip the bias out of LLMs.
    • In the film, aliens need humans’ help. Despite their expertise in creating technical marvels, they lack the creative abilities needed to use them. The same holds true for AI: it needs humans to guide it and tell it what to do.
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What to expect from Google after a GPT3 solution release?

Article by Aydin Ozcekic
Google’s Dilemma (GPT3)
  • Everyone is waiting for Google to respond to the GPT3 solution as Google possesses the necessary tools to develop the greatest AI solutions.
  • There is a significant distinction between the ways GPT3 and Google search operate:
    • GPT3 can access data and produce solutions while Google displays the best resources that might be available.
    • GPT3 is responsible for the answer it produces while Google is not.
    • GPT3 concentrates on producing the best possible response while Google anticipates your questions.
    • GPT3 represents the side of knowledge centralization while Google represents the diversity of knowledge.
  • According to the author, it’s crucial for Google to support websites that are the foundation of revenue and not change the way it works.
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Generative AI is making headlines, in the literal sense.

Article by Julia Anderson
5 Reasons to Embrace the Generative AI Hype
  • While some fear generative AI and see it as competition to human effort, it can be used as a collaboration tool.
  • The author describes five ways to adopt generative AI to benefit from it:
    • Use it as a tool for rapid ideation and, therefore, inspiration for creating.
    • Facilitate knowledge management that allows humans to test limitless possibilities AI generates.
    • Personalise experience for customers for building relationships with them.
    • Unload from routine tasks – making time for more sophisticated tasks.
    • Practice collective intelligence – generative Ai is being trained on millions of interactions with people making it a powerful “copilot” in various activities.
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What will the AI future look like – bright and easily manageable or dark and full of risks? Discover the various perspectives of the European Chatbot & Conversational AI summit speakers.

Article by Anna Gregorczyk
Does Conversational AI Do Magic?
  • The author shares insights on the risks, and opportunities of AI technologies as well as success stories and lessons learned from the second edition of the European Chatbot & Conversational AI summit.
  • The golden thread leading the summary is the future of AI implementation shown through the prism of various experts in the field.
  • The speakers talk about different industries that will be hugely influenced by AI technologies – medicine, business, insurance, personal assistance services, and more.
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