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Questioning Everything with Jaron Lanier, Prime Unifying Scientist at Microsoft

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Co-founder of VR technology as we know it Jaron Lanier is also an accomplished musician and artist. As the Prime Unifying Scientist at Microsoft, Jaron rejects the deceptive nature of terms like “AGI” and “decentralization” in favor of a vision of technology that’s all about people collaborating with other people. Join Robb and Josh for an episode of Invisible Machines that questions everything.

Born in 1960, Jaron Lanier is a true renaissance man, blending computer science, art, music, and philosophy seamlessly. He’s recognized as a virtual reality pioneer, having co-founded VPL Research and creating the first commercially available VR goggles and gloves. His influence extends beyond headsets, as he coined the very term “virtual reality” itself.

Beyond technology, Lanier is an accomplished musician, composing contemporary classical pieces and boasting a remarkable collection of instruments. He further explores the human condition through writing, analyzing technology’s impact on society, and advocating for responsible development.

Since 2016, Lanier has brought his diverse expertise to Microsoft as their “Octopus” (Office of the Chief Technology Officer Prime Unifying Scientist). This unique role allows him to influence the company’s technological path, ensuring it aligns with responsible innovation and human values. Lanier continues to be a leading voice in shaping the future of technology, reminding us to embrace its potential while remaining mindful of its ethical implications.

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