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Podcasts ›› How AI is Disrupting the VC World with Jake Saper, General Partner at Emergence Capital

How AI is Disrupting the VC World with Jake Saper, General Partner at Emergence Capital

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In a moment when unprecedented amounts of money are flowing toward projects involving AI, Robb and Josh welcome Jake Saper for a lively exploration of the VC mindset. Since 2003, Emergence Capital has invested in companies collectively worth $450B+, including Salesforce, Box, Yammer, and Zoom. As a General Partner, Jake has embraced the transformative power of generative AI. This conversation explores many different ways these technologies are impacting investor thinking as software becomes cheaper and easier to create.

Jake Saper, a General Partner at Emergence Capital, brings a rich background in entrepreneurship and venture to the table. Raised in Austin with a startup-centric upbringing, Jake’s journey spans selling rocks door-to-door to launching solar power ventures in challenging markets. His foray into management consulting ignited a passion for strategic thinking, eventually leading him to venture at Kleiner Perkins and Emergence, where he became a Kauffman Fellow.

With a deep empathy for entrepreneurs, Jake is driven by the goal of building enduring, values-driven companies. He holds a B.A. from Yale, an MBA from Stanford, and an MS in Environment and Resources from Stanford. As a Board member of companies like Guru, Textio, and Ironclad, Jake is dedicated to shaping the future of SaaS business models and AI integration.

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